CHMM Credential Updates

Keeping your CHMM credential requires recertification every 5 years.  CHMMs must file using the on-line tool at the IHMM website  A minimum of 200 Certification Maintenance Points (CMPs) is required; up to 100 CMPs can come from active practice – 20 points per year for continuous full time employment.  A minimum of 100 CMPs must be earned for Professional Development such as continuing education, seminar attendance, mentoring, earning a new degree or a new professional certification.  Did you know that serving in a leadership position in the FET or the CHMM Chapter can earn up to 20 recertification points each year?  Contact the FET office or any FET CHMM officer if you’d like to serve in a leadership position. We are always looking for people to help. New ideas are always appreciated.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The IHMM recently upgraded its web applications.  Some recertification information did not transfer properly.  Individuals who filed for recertification in early 2015 are advised to sign into the IHMM website and check the status of your certification.  Contact the IHMM if there are any concerns.