Wisconsin DNR Releases Aerosol Can Guidance

In May 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources released Publication WA-1784, Aerosol Cans: Guide to Handling and Disposal for Businesses.

RCRA empty aerosol cans are considered scrap metal and can be collected for steel recycling.  “RCRA empty” is defined as having no more than 1” or 3% of the original product, and no compressed propellants remaining in the can.  Check with your recycler to see if you need to puncture and drain aerosol cans prior to shipping them.  Note that special conditions apply if the aerosol can contains acute hazardous waste.

Aerosol cans that are not RCRA empty must be managed according to hazardous waste regulations.  If you do puncture your cans, the drained liquids and filters will also be considered hazardous waste.

Whether your cans are destined for recycling or hazardous waste disposal, be sure to store them safely; either replace the cap/cover on the can, or remove the nozzle.

For more information, visit the DNR website at: http://dnr.wi.gov/files/pdf/pubs/wa/wa1784.pdf