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Waste Management Omega Hills Pretreatment Plant Tour
Tuesday, May 23rd

It was an excellent tour of Waste Management – Wisconsin’s landfill leachate treatment process at their Omega Hills Pretreatment Plant in Germantown, WI

on May 23, 2017.  Presenters Larry Buechel and Garry Miller of WMWI gave an excellent hands-on overview of the process. 

The tour included watching the liquid effluent from an anaerobic digester process go through a dissolved air floatation (DAF) unit, part of a several-step treatment chain that produced clear effluent for permitted discharge to the MMSD treatment system.  In addition, the group observed a recently installed rotary vacuum filter drum process that allowed for a significant reduction in the volume of wet solids that had to be transported to disposal offsite. 

Both Larry’s and Garry’s time were much appreciated!  Many thanks to Liz Schuller for setting up this event!


– Troy Stucke, WI CHMM Chapter Secretary