The mission of the Chapter is to provide a balanced program for CHMMs

  1. Environmental Health and Safety
  2. Regulatory Compliance and Policy
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Material Handling, Emergency Response and Remediation
  5. Strategic Environmental Management

This mission will be fulfilled by emphasizing:

  • The achievement of professional recognition for CHMMs.
  • The provision, promotion and encouragement of continuing education for maintaining certification status and to document related training as recognized by the Chapter.
  • The provision of a forum for information exchange among peers in order to promote qualified environmental decision making.
  • The broadening of the CHMM scope and understanding of prudent hazardous materials management, in the interest of protecting human health and the environment.
  • The increase of the transfer of knowledge and experience with new technologies, government regulations and community awareness relating to hazardous materials management.
  • The sponsorship of training programs and other educational opportunities to assist interested professionals in becoming CHMMs.
  • The promotion of public awareness of environmental and hazardous materials management issues.